Which China Desk?

1. The China Desk at Blogspot
[http://thechinadesk.blogspot.com] is the new home of The China Desk.

2. The China Desk at WordPress
[https://thechinadesk.wordpress.com] is a mirror for the China Desk at Blogspot.

3. The China Desk at Tripod
[http://thechinadesk.tripod.com] is being phased out.


4 responses to “Which China Desk?

  1. Dear Hugo, The last thing China needs is democracy. China needs human rights and political liberty. But that is something entirely different from democracy. Democracy is mob rule. China doesn't need that. Neither does any other country. What China and every other nation on earth needs, is to fundamentally rethink how a society should be organized. Do we really need governments as we have traditionally understood them? That is the real question.

  2. Hi there I just read your article and outraged by the recent Pro-japan/America rally movement. I want your thoughts on Taiwan's future. Because of the rally, from the pictures I could tell there were many in fact a lot of supporters. They even held riot shields and dressed up in uniform. In my opinion, this is where Taiwan fails. While KMT itself is corrupt by Zhu Li Luan, you have Tsai who absolutely have no plans to actually progress Taiwan. In fact the only reason my family moved to Canada is partially because of Cheng Shuei Bian. Watching the rally it really makes me depressed. Do these people forget who they are? Did they not see their ancestors fought for their lives to give my generation the freedom to vote and speak? Did they forget who fought the war in 1949 and defended Taiwan against the communist regime? How long will R.O.C last? This really breaks my hearts whenever someone who is not Asian asks me where I am born. I say in this particular order as always “I'm Chinese, but I am born in Taiwan.” I only tell foreigner this because they don't know why my email ends with Hotmail.com.tw. I love your writing, but I'm afraid ROC might not last long, especially when my generation is heavily brainwashed. I don't blame them. In comparison, no matter how bad and corrupt the Filipino government has become, Filipinos always have their pride. And that is what I think what Taiwan is missing.

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