What’s Taiwan? Chopped Liver?

What’s Taiwan? Chopped Liver?
Bevin Chu
April 17, 2007

The above China Post news article, entitled “KMT’s Lien Chan leaves for China,” unwittingly reveals one of the most serious problems on Taiwan.

The Pan Green camp champions Taiwan independence, on the premise that Taiwan is not a part of China. The Pan Green camp disingenuously defines “China” as the Chinese mainland, and the PRC government as “the Chinese government.”

Now I can understand the Taipei Times and the Taiwan News referring to the Chinese mainland as “China.”

But what the hell is an ostensibly pro reunification newspaper doing referring to the Chinese mainland as “China?”

Theoretically, the Pan Blue camp champions Chinese reunification, on the premise that in strict adherence with constitutionalism and the rule of law, Taiwan is an integral part of China, specifically the “Republic of China,” and that its legally-constituted government is the ROC government in Taipei.

Unfortunately some members of the Pan Blue camp are as “Lost” as the characters in the ABC TV adventure series.

The Pale Blue China Post entitled its article “KMT’s Lien Chan leaves for China.” This implies that before he left, Lien Chan was not in China. This implies that Taiwan is not part of China.

What’s Taiwan? Chopped liver?

With Pan Blue allies like these, do patriotic Chinese working sedulously to achieve a peaceful German style reunification of China really need Pan Green enemies?

Talk about “friendly fire.”

The China Post urgently needs to get its act together.

After all, isn’t its name the “China Post,” rather than the “Taiwan Post?” If anyone ought to be clear on what is or isn’t China, shouldn’t it be the China Post?


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