He’s Acting Pretty Normal Today

He’s Acting Pretty Normal Today
Rewritten by Bevin Chu
September 06, 2007

One day President Chen Shui-bian inspected a mental hospital.

The mental patients lined up along the corridors, grinning broadly, waving wildly, shouting: “Long live Chen Shui-bian! Long live Chen Shui-bian!”

One mental patient however stood arms crossed, with a sullen expression on his face, totally ignoring A Bian.

A Bian noticed this and asked the director of the mental hospital: “What’s wrong with that patient? Why isn’t he cheering? Is he not feeling well?”

The director answered: “Him? Oh no, he’s acting pretty normal today.”

Robert De Niro as Paul Vitti in “Analyze That!”



所有的病患都站在走廊上高 聲歡呼




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